Encore Virtual Screening
Encore Virtual Screening

It Is Not Over Yet

Directed by Louise Detlefsen
IT IS NOT OVER YET is an immersive, life-affirming journey into the day-to-day rhythm of a controversial nursing home for people with dementia in Denmark. The founding nurse of Dagmarsminde, May Bjerre Eiby, has no interest in specific dementia diagnoses or medicine since neither improves the quality of life for her 11 residents. Instead, she and her staff have developed a new kind of treatment inspired by the methods introduced by Florence Nightingale 150 years ago, as well as Danish philosopher Løgstrup. ‘Compassion Treatment,’ as May calls it, prioritizes hugs, touch, talking, humor, eye contact, cake, nature, bubbles, and the joy of community.
Having suffered the painful loss of her father due to neglect at a nursing home, May is determined to inspire a complete change in the way people with dementia are treated in the healthcare system, prioritizing holistic care and kindness over unnecessary medications.
Filmmaker Louise Detlefsen’s vérité approach offers unique access into the intimate and sometimes intense moments between residents and caregivers, providing a rarely seen and uplifting experience of aging with dignity, grace, and joy.

Event Details

Sunday, June 11, 2023
2:00 pm
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