In-Person Screening
Drama | 2021 | Canada | 1 Hour 15 Minutes | English

Drifting Snow

Directed by Ryan Noth
Participate in a discussion with filmmaker Ryan Noth, Sonja Smits & Jonas Bonnetta.
Two strangers, Joanne (Sonja Smits) and Chris (Jonas Bonnetta) share a winter road trip through rural eastern Ontario. After losing her husband John (Colin Mochrie), Joanne faces the rituals of remote rural life on her own, while Chris is processing his failing eyesight and the loss of his mother and the new responsibility of taking over her old home in the country. As their journey together unfolds, their drifting memories reveal parallel experiences, helping each of them shift the focus of their destination.
Cocktail to follow screening with filmmaker Ryan Noth, Sonja Smits & Jonas Bonnetta

Event Details

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
8:00 pm
TIFF Lightbox 33Devonshire Inn, Prince Edward County

24 Wharf St, Wellington, ON - Date & Time to be confirmed50 King St W, Toronto, ON
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